About Us

Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Vanessa Yu, a Toronto lettering artist with a love for modern script. I'm a firm believer in personalized experiences – heartfelt and thoughtful details that create meaningful relationships. In our technologically-advanced age, there is something particularly endearing about elegant penmanship and customized creations that shines through the monotony of the impersonal, digital haze.

Here at Adagio Lettering, I seek to capture these precious moments and immortalize them through elegant calligraphy. I specialize in live on-site calligraphy, signage, personalized goods, and workshops. 

Adagio is an Italian musical term meaning slow, often associated with lyricism, grace and elegance. With my lettering, I strive to create the same ‘adagio’ effect through the slow, breath-taking magic of written grace; the smooth flowing of ink; the therapeutic loops of charm.

Calligraphy evokes sentiments far beyond the literal meanings of words.

Looking to add a personal touch to your next event or project? Let's work together. Get in touch!